They’re some of our biggest fans… check out our incredible team of Ambasudders!

  • Cooper Rushen

  • Immy Thompson-Bland

  • Tegan Debnam

Cooper Rushen

Cooper Rushen is a young motorbike racer from Tollesbury, Essex who has been enjoying his time on the track from the age of just 6!  And already, at just 8 years old, he is proving to be a very tough competitor never finishing lower then 2nd on the podium in the last 3 seasons!

Fearless Cooper rides a 65cc race tuned Ktm grasstrack bike and also rides a 125cc in speedway which has no brakes, where he competes against 10-14-year olds.  Phew! 

Cooper started racing in 2016 and has become motorcycling’s youngest British champion 3 times in a row and Eastern centre champion which he is very proud of. He gets to race all over the country most weekends, covering lots of miles and meeting lots of new people. 

This year is another big step up as Cooper will be competing in the British Young Lions speedway league where he will be the youngest competitor! The future is incredibly exciting for cooper and whilst being one of the smallest and youngest presents challenges, he is certainly proving himself to be one of the bravest! He is very excited to reach the age of 10 years old so he can compete in Europe, and once he turns 15 he dreams of turning professional so he can race all over the world and challenge for the world titles. 

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Immy Thompson-Bland

Welcome to the team Immy! 

Immy Thompson-Bland is 14 years old and from South of England.  She has been riding horses since just three years old, and currently competes with two horses, Fly and Reko, in different equestrian disciplines. 

Together with Fly, a dressage horse who Immy has had since she was 4, they had a great first season in 2018 with many wins and qualifications. This year they will be participating in the British Young Riders Camps and starting the squadding process. 

Reko is an event pony, which means he has to show jump, cross country and dressage when he competes.  An incredibly brave horse, they had a successful year in 2018 never coming lower than 4th and also winning the area qualifies for the Land Rover Wales and Mid England Pony Club Championships where Immy’s team won overall, and Immy and Reko came 3rd individually!  

“My dream is to compete for my country as a junior. I would love to be able to do this with Fly. She is very talented and I will definitely work very hard to try and make it happen!’

My favourite flavour is the delicious Chocolush! It’s the best! 

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Tegan Debnam

Meet Tegan Debnam, a 16 year old rider from South East England.   Tegan’s passion for the sport is partly down to her adored 15.3, 17 year old thoroughbred horse Toby who recently went into retirement.  Toby taught Tegan a huge amount and they particularly enjoyed jumping (Toby’s favourite!) jumping at impressive heights together before Toby retired.

Tegan’s new horse is called Aldato Caprice (Ali), an Irish sports horse.  Tegan plans to show jump him, along with cross country for fun!  Together, they’re already jumping up to 1 metre, and are going higher and higher with practice.  They have been out to XC with Ali flying over all the jumps with ease, ranging from 50cm – 1 metre, and they’re in training throughout the winter ready for summer 2020!  Tegan and Ali are one step closer to their ultimate goal of competing in BE100 with more time, training and commitment.

Good luck Tegan!

Check out Tegan on Instagram!  @trottingtoby

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